Mitigate Major Electricity Rate Hikes

Manufacturers are by far the largest consumers of electricity in the State of Texas. The rising cost of energy plays a pivotal role in capital investment location decisions across the nation and the globe. The cost increases associated with EPA’s Clean Power Plan are expected to rise as high as $15 billion annually in Texas by 2030, according to expert testimony delivered to the Texas Public Utility Commission. The EPA’s plan not only increases the cost of electricity, but also threatens reliability by forcing retirement of significant power generation across the state. TAM is working with the National Association of Manufacturers to reduce the impact of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan on the Texas electrical grid. TAM is also closely monitoring state legislative proposals from Texas power generators and utilities that would seek state-approved rate increases for a broad range of “stranded costs” created by EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Such proposals may not be warranted and could drive electricity costs even higher, harming the Texas economy.