Career and Workforce Education Needs

Dual Credit Courses – Both academic and CTE (career and technical education) courses – must be widely available and affordable to students; reduce the time to degrees or certifications; improve higher education affordability; and be high quality and rigorous. CTE courses should not be conflated with general academic courses and all dual credit must be advised properly by trained and knowledgeable advisors/counselors, who understand both higher education expectations and state and regional workforce needs.

College, Career and Military Readiness Standards – Policy makers should understand and delineate the differences between students being ready to attend and succeed at a 4-year university or college and those being ready to attend and succeed at a technical school or community/junior college or enlist in our nation's armed services. Our college, career and military readiness (CCRM) standards should be updated, better defined, and career and military readiness should not be grouped into one standard – that of university/college preparedness.