Global Economic Competitiveness

TAM supports the work of the special House Committee on Economic Competitiveness and will use its findings to advance economic development legislation in the 2019 session. The committee has concluded its interim hearings on what makes Texas successful economically. The committee heard from top Texas business and civic leaders on real-life experiences in bringing economic development to the state, and they emphasized the importance of state and local incentive programs and workforce/career education as central themes to keep Texas on top.

Jeff Cheney, mayor of Frisco, the fastest-growing city in the country, testified that their recent 25-year study shows that for every $1 they have invested in economic development programs, $22 in economic value has been returned, including nearly $5 in new tax revenue.

Greg Sims of the Greenville Economic Development Corporation, spoke to the value of and need for property tax abatement authority, saying "Fifty percent of something is better than 100 percent of nothing."