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TAM Top 10 Policy Priorities

Bennett: “As early voting begins, focus on jobs, competitiveness a must.”

The Texas Association of Manufacturers today released its “TAM Top Ten,” which details the Association’s policy priorities for the 2018 interim and the 86th Legislature in 2019.

“Manufacturing is a driving force of our economy and a wide range of policy issues can impact our ability to grow jobs,” said Tony Bennett, president of the Texas Association of Manufacturers. “As early voting begins today, we urge all Texans to find out where their candidates stand on policies that can impact competitiveness and job growth in Texas.”

Bennett noted that Texas is the #1 state for exported manufactured goods and remains the #1 state to do business. “Smart public policy and elected officials who value Texas jobs are equally important to keeping Texas on top,” he said.

TAM’s Top Ten policy priorities include:

  • 1. Preserve Property Tax Abatement Authority
  • 2. Global Economic Competitiveness
  • 3. Equality in Business Taxation
  • 4. Business Personal Property Tax Reform
  • 5. Aerospace and Aviation Manufacturing Competitiveness
  • 6. Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Governance and Stakeholder Process
  • 7.Protecting PUC Jurisdiction in Non-ERCOT Areas
  • 8. Career and Workforce Education Needs
  • 9. TCEQ Funding
  • 10. Water Conservation & Supply

For more information on each of the priorities above, please visit www.manufacturetexas.org/resources.

manufacturing blog

TAM: ERCOT’s Free Market Design is Working to Balance Reliability and Affordability for Texans

The following can be attributed to Tony Bennett, president and CEO of the Texas Association of Manufacturers (TAM).

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) remains a shining example of how a successful, competitive energy market should be designed. In relying on free market principles rather than administrative and regulatory intervention, the ERCOT market strikes the right balance between reliability and costs for Texas customers. As we have seen in other states, government mandates and market interventions dramatically increase the cost of electricity without improving reliability.

This morning, ERCOT released its most recent projection of Capacity, Demand and Reserves (the “CDR” report). The CDR report estimates the amount of generation expected above and beyond what is actually needed to meet customer demand. Not surprisingly, projected generation reserves have dipped to reflect the significant coal retirements that occurred over the last few months. In a free energy market, price signals naturally encourage the replacement of older facilities with new, more efficient and reliable generation—and that is exactly what we are seeing in Texas.

In recent years, the CDR report has projected surplus generation reserves of 20% or more, which is far above the level that is economically optimal. Along with other factors, this oversupply has encouraged more than 4,000 MW of older, uneconomic units in ERCOT to retire since October. This important market correction paves the way for newer, more efficient and more economic generation to be developed, better serving customers. TAM expects new generation to quickly fill this temporary void in response to strong price signals for new generating capacity. In fact, ERCOT is already projecting that new generation will provide almost a 2.5% increase in reserves in 2019 as compared to 2018.

ERCOT is a testament to Texan ingenuity and commitment to free market principles. In a deregulated energy market, reserves will naturally fluctuate as turnover occurs within ERCOT’s generation fleet. This is a sign of a healthy, well-functioning market, and is no cause for regulatory intervention. TAM remains proudly committed to ERCOT’s successful market design and the reliability it provides for customers.

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