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TAM and Allied Trades: “Complacency is economic kiss of death”

Texas is not immune to competition. As some Texas lawmakers push to gut our economic development policies, other states are falling all over themselves to out-compete Texas to land major industrial projects and the thousands of jobs that come with them.....Unfortunately, smart policy like the Texas Economic Development Act (Chapter 313 of the state tax code) is in the cross-hairs. Senate Bill 600 by state Sen. Konni Burton, R-Colleyville, would eliminate Chapter 313 outright, and other bills would significantly harm the program. Lawmakers should oppose these proposals because Chapter 313 is the state’s single most important economic development program. Read more.

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TAM Top 10 Policy Priorities

  • The "TAM Top Ten” details the association’s policy priorities for the 2016 interim and the 85th Legislature in 2017.
  • 1. Mitigate Major Electricity Rate Hikes
  • 2. Maintain Competitive Pro-Growth Jobs and Tax Wealth Policies
  • 3. Oppose Property Tax Value Shifts to Industry
  • 4. Equality in Business Taxation
  • 5. Business Inventory Tax Reform
  • 6. Career & College Education Reform Implementation
  • 7. Water Supply and Conservation
  • 8. Competitive Truck Weight Reform
  • 9. Pro-Growth Policy for Aerospace Jobs
  • 10. Austin Energy’s Non-Competitive Industrial Electricity Rates
  • For details of each, please visit our Resources page.
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