Manufacturing Matters

Texas manufacturers create jobs, drive investment, and contribute to local, state and the larger national economy.

Manufacturing today is a diverse sector that produces computers and electronics, airplanes, agriculture equipment, petroleum products and chemicals, heavy machinery, fabricated metal, non-metal minerals, processed food, motor vehicles, plastics, rubber, and much more.


Texas is the #1 exporting state in the nation, exporting $210 billion in manufactured goods in 2016.


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Manufacturing creates jobs.

Texas manufacturers employ more than 848,000 Texans.

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Manufacturing jobs are high paying.

Annual compensation for jobs in the manufacturing sector is more than $82,540, nearly 50 percent higher than other non-farm Texas workers.

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Manufacturing is key to a strong Texas economy.

Manufacturers in Texas account for more than 14 percent of the total output in the state – more than $226 billion in 2016.

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Manufacturing creates a ripple effect.

Manufacturing generates more economic activity than any other sector in the U.S. For every $1 spent in U.S. manufacturing, another $1.89 is added to the economy.

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Manufacturing invests in innovation.

More than 75 percent of all private sector R&D in the U.S. comes from the manufacturing sector, driving more innovation than any other sector in our economy.

manufacturing and texas economy

Manufacturing leads exports.

Texas manufacturers exported $210 billion in manufactured goods in 2016. Texas has been the nation's #1 exporting state for 14 years running.

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