Manufacturers Applaud Gov. Abbott for Efforts to Bring National Semiconductor Technology Center to Texas

October 26, 2021

The following can be attributed to Tony Bennett, president & CEO of the Texas Association of Manufacturers.

“The Texas Association of Manufacturers thanks Governor Abbott for his efforts to bring the National Semiconductor Technology Center to Texas. Advanced manufacturing research and development and investment is the very future of the Texas economy and critical to the security interests of our nation. Texas has all the necessary ingredients to land both the semiconductor technology center and the advanced packaging manufacturing program. Our state has a long history with a robust and growing semiconductor industry, dating back to 1958 when Texas Instruments engineer Jack Kilby invented the microchip and revolutionized electronics. And we possess a world-class university research and technology community ready to take on the next evolution of this industry. Texas remains the number one exporter of manufactured goods in the nation, so our skilled and growing workforce is ready to take on this incredible opportunity.”


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