Manufacturers Applaud Governor Abbott’s Focus On Transportation And Property Tax Relief In State Of The State Address

  1. TAM Response to Governor Abbott's State of the State Address
  2. Release Date: February 17, 2014

Manufacturers Applaud Governor Abbott’s Focus on Transportation and Property Tax Relief in State of the State Address

The following can be attributed to Tony Bennett, president of the Texas Association of Manufactures.

The Texas Association of Manufacturers applauds Governor Abbott’s focus on transportation and property tax relief as critical components to continued economic prosperity in Texas.

We agree that Proposition 1, passed by voters in November 2014, was a critical first step to help Texas maintain the nation’s #1 rank for job creation and exporting. Prop 1 is a constitutional amendment to authorize money from the State’s Rainy Day Fund to be directed to the State Highway Fund.

Likewise, we are encouraged that Governor Abbott recognizes that Prop 1 doesn’t address all of our transportation needs and that additional, sustainable funding solutions to our highway infrastructure needs are necessary. Governor Abbott is on the right track in addressing infrastructure needs in ways that don’t increase taxes and that dedicate existing tax revenue toward transportation projects.

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