TAM Releases Top 10 Policy Priorities for 86th Legislature

January 7, 2019

Bennett: “Competitiveness is Priority One”

Austin - The Texas Association of Manufacturers today released its “TAM Top Ten,” which details the Association’s policy priorities for the 86th Legislature in 2019.

“Competitiveness and job growth are at the core of our priorities for the 86th Legislature,” said Tony Bennett, president of the Texas Association of Manufacturers. “From economic development and tax policy to workforce development and properly funded regulators, the Legislature has tremendous opportunities to protect and advance our global competitiveness in the upcoming session.”

Bennett noted that Texas is the #1 state for exported manufactured goods and remains the #1 state to do business. “Smart public policy, with an eye on competitiveness, will keep Texas on top,” he said.

TAM’s Top Ten policy priorities include:

  1. Preserve Property Tax Abatement Authority
  2. Global Economic Competitiveness
  3. Equality in Business Taxation
  4. Business Personal Property Tax Reform
  5. Aerospace and Aviation Manufacturing Competitiveness
  6. Preserving ERCOT’s Competitive Wholesale Market
  7. Protecting PUC Jurisdiction in Non-ERCOT Areas
  8. Career and Workforce Education Needs
  9. TCEQ Funding
  10. School and Workplace Health

For more information on each of the priorities above, please visit TAM’s website at www.manufacturetexas.org/resources.

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