Texas Manufacturers’ Shutdown/Startup Plans Carefully Designed to Ensure Safety

August 30, 2017

The following can be attributed to Tony Bennett, president and CEO of the Texas Association of Manufacturers:

“Texas manufacturing facilities – including chemical plants, refineries, and food and beverage production – carefully plan and practice shutdown and start up procedures to protect workers, facilities, and product quality before, during and after a major storm. Many manufacturing facilities along the Texas Gulf Coast shut down ahead of Hurricane Harvey as part of their preparedness plans.

As the storm moves on and manufacturers begin recovery and restart efforts, safety will be the number one priority.

Each facility must be inspected for damage, repaired as necessary and deemed safe for employees and contractors to return to work. To restart, a manufacturing facility needs power, access to pipelines and other transportation infrastructure, feedstock materials, and a fully staffed workforce to manufacture their products.

Texas manufacturing facilities affected by Hurricane Harvey are working to restore operations as quickly and safely as possible.”