Transportation & Critical Infrastructure

Manufacturing plants are energy intensive operations and require well-orchestrated logistics to receive raw materials and supplies and then ship finished products to customers worldwide. These activities require an ever-expanding network of transportation infrastructure, including pipelines, utility rights-of-way, highway and rail corridors, etc. that are the vital arteries necessary in sustaining these operations.

Eminent domain legislation filed last session was concerning to anyone interested in keeping our infrastructure network functioning efficiently and sustaining the quality business environment that Texas is known for across the globe. Delays in any permits to either build manufacturing plants or connect vital arteries to these operations already cost our economy millions of dollars each day. Delays to new construction jobs, plant payrolls, new local and state tax revenue, vendor purchases, and other ripple effects on our regional and state economies are real and substantial. TAM understands that property rights should be protected. However, recent proposed legislation goes too far and holds hostage a key element of our economy — the quality jobs and tax wealth our Texas communities and families depend on. The Texas business environment should not be taken for granted when reforms to eminent domain laws are considered.